Analog Bubblebath

Come and sink deep into the sounds of IDM/Acid/Breakbeat/Electronica!
Our Djs will provide the more obscure sounds of electronic music; think along the line of early Warp Records/Planet Mu and of course Rephlex Records releases. Let us wash your back with acid bleeps and broken beats.

303MYTH.RAR – Joe Coghill (50%PURE) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Edinburgh. Joe will be Debuting 303MYTH.RAR an audio performance combining a .RAR folder of 10 original Margotti “303MYTH.exe” recordings with a selection of new works made by Coghill with the 303MYTH.exe program using the keywords: ACID, MYTH, TB-303, BREAKS, MUSTARD, PARALLEL, TRIPPY, BRAINDANCE, LAVA, UK G, SOUNDTRACK, BARNDANCE, GRANULAR, LASER, RAINCOAT, LOL —–>

DJ KÜSSE – Edinburgh’s resident Irishmann hoping to bring you a set that searches every nook and cranny of his influences. From black metal to Italo. All delivered in a compact, smooth and downright silky set. This could all go very wrong tbh.

NIKI RUSH – Glasgow playboy mixing unprotected IDM electro with breakbeat and acid to provide an ambiance of disease-ridden euphoria. —–>

ROSSZ VÉR – A duo from the east side of Europe laying down all the dirty acid and breaWatch out for

Artwork out of this world brought to you by Ryan Marinello!

Spotify playlist of our favourites HERE