Allsorts 1st Birthday

It’s been a whole year. Madness. So we are throwing a party for all our supporters, being sound tracked by some of the people who have helped us throughout this first year:

Frost (Allsorts)
Delahunt (Allsorts)
Cammy Cochrane (Allsorts)
Creg (WECHT)
Proc Fiskal (hyperdub + Shleekit Doss)
Andrea Montalto (EH-FM)
Percy Main (lionel industries + EH-FM)
Cap’n Goodtimes (EH-FM)
Reid Fernando (Fusion)

All these good people have shown love, supported us and provided help. Whether it be big Creg playing our rave, Cammy Finlay and Douglas showing interest and jumping on board and being the best resident DJs we could ask for, or the EH-FM lot coming to Pieute to do our first radio show and showing love ever since. Forever grateful to the homies xoxo

So basically We have a lot of music and talent to cram into Friday 14th December. Will be a lot of Footwork, bootlegs, Uk bass, garage, grime and hardcore.