First Edition · The Mash House (5am)

We’ve had a ton of special moments this year; bringing NYC’s Baltra to Edinburgh & the recent solid b2b from Adryiano & Harrison BDP at La Belle Angele. Also big up to our resident Ash Is on his debut wax release on Perfect Motion.

To close 2018 we’ve invited our residents & a few friends to shell it down across the mash house.


Room 1 / Main Room

Onda (First Edition) 3-5
Shaun G (First Edition, In Bloom) 1-3
Ash Is (In Bloom, First Edition) 11-1

Room 2 / Bar

J Wax (Hilltown Disco, Palidrone) 3-5
Seamus (Cant Compln, First Edition) 1-3
Frost (Queen Margaret Techno Society) 11-1